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Hiring a professional firm like Bonzawebsites is the way to avoid the pitfalls and achieve a successful AdWords campaign.


What Clients say:

"I really wish you could be here in the office when I show people, it’s extremely funny & very rewarding to see the look on their faces changing from skepticism/total confusion/total dismissal to one of smiling/incredulous delight & understanding as they ‘get it’ about how Bonza AdWords works & what it does for the business!"

Bernadette Murray


With Google AdWords, you pay Google to prominently display your entry in Google search results for many search phrases you nominate.

When a potential customer clicks on your ad, they are taken to either a conversion page built specifically for the campaign or to the company website. You are charged only when your ad is clicked on!

What it means is youíre advertising to quality leads -your ad is attracting people who have JUST SEARCHED FOR WHAT YOUíVE GOT!


You can manage a Google AdWords campaign yourself but thatís like fixing the plumbing when youíre not a plumber. Adwords is complex and a job for experts.

Because Google AdWords is sweeping the world, suddenly, everyone's an "expert" on the subject. Be very careful about who you choose to handle your Google AdWords campaign.

Why pay Google?

Because we know 6 great things about people who click:

  • They don't know your business exists
  • They are searching for your product/service
  • They want to buy what you sell now
  • They are searching for you 24/7/365
  • They are comfortable contacting you via your website
  • If it's out of hours when they find you, you won't miss the sale - they'll email.
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