We're often asked how we create the emails we send...

They are produced as Microsoft Word documents and sent as email directly from Word.

Check if your version of Word has this capability:

Open Word and click on File. Look for a command Send to and a sub command Mail Recipient. If you can find these commands in some form somewhere in Word, you have the ability to send any Word document you are clever enough to create as email.

Let's create a letterhead for your company using your logo which you'll have as an image. Or, we can use any image. (To find out how to save images from the www, click here). Just for fun, let's use this image as your logo...


Save the image from the web and go to Word. To insert it into the document, look for a command Insert and sub commands Picture and From file.

You may like to put some text under the image "Click the logo to visit our website". Here's how to "hyperlink" the image to a web site:

In Word, click on the image so it is "selected", and look for a command Insert and a sub command Hyperlink. In the dialogue box, the link will be smoother and faster if you type it in full thus:

If you have a scanner, you can scan your signature and drop it into your Word document at the end of your emails...

One thing: When you have created your Masterpiece, save it with a file name like letterhead. Immediately upon opening it, always use the File command Save As and give the new document a meaningful name such as "email to bonza". As a result, you'll always have your creatively formatted "Letterhead" ready to go...

Go ahead and do amasing things! It all depends on how creative you can be.

General Manager