Oooooooooooooooooh! Tough question! Two schools of thought! Those grumpy old ladies on TV say NO! in their usual brilliantly hilarious way.

I can see their point. You forward a funny email to 20 of your friends, they each forward that email to 20... do the math! A lot of people are going to be given a huge list of valid email addresses! Sadly, they won't all be good guys and this'll be the result...

I say yes! Everyone needs a laugh. But there are three simple rules to follow, I call it "netiquette":

  • Invite your friends to let you know if they want to be removed from your list
  • Send the email to yourself with a "blind copy" to your list so you're not circulating their email addresses to who knows who. If you want instructions on how to do that, click here
  • Remove the list of previous recipients of emails you're forwarding. Instructions on how to do that here:

Open the funny email and click on Forward. BEFORE hitting Send, simply select all the previous recipients and hit Delete.

Now, you can safely send the email as a blind copy to all your friends and no one will ever get the email addresses of either your friends or any of the other people who've recieved the funny as it's whizzed around cyberspace.

As you can see, it's easy for us all to have some fun with these Flaming Ridiculous Electronic Devices (I call my computer FRED) without causing any aggro!


There's more helpful stuff like this in The Bonza Help Centre, to get there, please click on this image: